About the DDO project

Built in 1953, David D. Oughton (DDO) School operated as a public elementary school until 2006, when the Calgary Public School Board declared the site surplus and closed its doors.

In 2008, the City of Calgary purchased the DDO site. In 2015, The City demolished the building and their work at the site was completed last year. Now the land can be imagined as something new. Enter CMLC and you!

Working with the City of Calgary, we have acquired the land and been asked to apply our placemaking skills to reimagine a new future for the site so that it can be a catalyst of change and investment for the community. We envision DDO as “a neighbourhood embracing a neighbourhood” where the new development, though distinctive in style, respects the prevailing personality of the established community that surrounds it.



report back to community 

Join CMLC on Saturday, June 24 for a Pre-Stampede Pancake Breakfast at the Albert Park/Radisson Heights Community Centre. 

At the breakfast we will provide a summary of what we heard from the community during the engagement process, how those insights have informed design principles - specifically related to the public realm - that will be incorporated into the redevelopment, and next steps in procuring a development partner to deliver on a cohesive vision for the community. 



Phase 1

Community Check-in and Initial Ideation
January – February 2017

Introduction to CMLC and the project team. Inform the community about the DDO project outcome and timeline. Outline how community input will be integrated. Gather initial feedback to develop effective guiding principles. Begin to understand the community needs around public open space.

Phase 1 - What We Heard Report

Phase 2

Design Concept
March – April 2017

Present the planning guiding principles. Design concept discussion. Understand perspectives on contextual massing rules.

Phase 3

Concept Agreement
May  June 2017

Summary of collected community feedback during engagement process. Timeline adjusted for presentation of DDO Master Plan.


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