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Traffic Alerts & Pathway Detours

As development continues in East Village, temporary road closures and traffic detours will be in place to ensure residents and visitors can move safely through the community. 

Latest Traffic Alerts


Please note these sustained closures:

  • Vehicle access to St. Patrick’s Island parking lot will be closed September 18 - December 2017 for continued work on the Zoo Flood Mitigation project. Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained over Baines Bridge throughout this closure. Patrons seeking to visit St. Patrick’s Island via vehicle can park in East Village and cross the George C. King Bridge by foot.
  • The elbow on Confluence Way SE (east of Simmons building to 6th Ave SE) will be closed from October 16 - December 7 for continued work on ALT Hotel. Businesses along Confluence Way will stay open during this time.
  • The southern-most lane on 5th Avenue SE between 3rd and 4th Streets SE is closed indefinitely for construction on 5th&THIRD.
  • 8th Ave cul-de-sac is closed to pedestrians as work continues on the New Central Library project. Pedestrian access is detoured along 9th Ave SE during this time. Exercise extreme caution when entering the cul-de-sac to access local businesses.
  • Zoo Bridge (12 St Bridge) is closed for construction on the 12 St Bridge Replacement Project. Access to St. Patrick's Island will be maintained from Baines Bridge via Memorial Drive East.

Additionally, intermittent lane and/or road closures can be expected at the following locations:

  • 3rd Street SE (3rd Street SE Streetscape Improvements)
    Two north-bound lanes will be maintained throughout.
  • 5th Street SE and 6th Avenue SE (Verve, by FRAM+Slokker)
  • Confluence Way SE (Alt Hotel Calgary, by Group Germain)
  • 7th Avenue SE (Hat @ East Village, by Cidex)
  • 6th Avenue SE and 4th Street SE (5th & THIRD, by RioCan)



Contact: info@calgarymlc.ca