//East Village Projects

9th Ave SE PARKADE & Innovation Centre

In partnership with Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) and Platform, CMLC will deliver an innovative and future-focused project that will combine 500+ parking stalls across 5 levels with a space for Calgary innovators called Platform.

The development, situated along 9 Avenue SE at 3 Street SE, has been conceived to not only service the parking needs for its downtown neighbours, but also accommodate multi-modal users with ample bike parking. The unique design will also allow for full conversion of the building into commercial or residential uses as future generations of Calgarians lessen their reliance on traditional parking structures with the increase in autonomous vehicles. 

Aligned with the master plan for East Village and CMLC’s commitment of creating mixed-use developments, Platform is fully integrated into the design of the parkade and will serve as a multi-use space for learning, projects, makers and community. This innovation centre designed for everyone will help the city’s best minds and ideas move forward, turning concepts into entrepreneurial opportunities and scale local businesses into international success stories. Platform will occupy part of the main floor and the entire second floor of the future-focused parkade.

Designed by architects Kasian and 5468796, the building’s design includes increased floor to ceiling heights which are one and half times that of traditional parkades; a central atrium space that allows for natural light to penetrate through the building; and a responsible long-term approach that allows for the re-purposing of the existing building structure into future uses.

The 9th Avenue Parkade and Innovation Centre broke ground in 2019 and will be project managed by CMLC. The project will comprise a total of approximately 250,000 square feet and will be accessed directly off 9th Avenue at 3rd Street SE, creating a central point for visitors heading into the downtown core and East Village.



Project Cost: approx. $80 million

Project Website: www.platformcalgary.com