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Board committees

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Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and making recommendations to the Board on the process and structure used to manage the business and affairs of the Corporation, including information disclosure obligations, code of conduct, allocation of roles and responsibilities, accountability for carrying out organizational responsibilities and implementation of risk and compliance management. 

  • Chair, Sian Matthews
  • Lyle Edwards
  • Evan Hazell
  • Arlene Strom 

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for financial statements, accounting practices and policies, evaluating the results of external audits and related matters, as well as overseeing financial risk management and assessing internal controls.

  • Chair, Lyle Edwards
  • Sian Matthews
  • Alec MacDougall
  • Evan Hazell 

Compensation & Human Resources Committee

The Compensation Committee is responsible for the compensation strategy, objectives and policies. It reviews the Chief Executive Officer's performance against objectives and the performance of the senior executive group against assessments.

  • Chair, Doug Kester
  • Arlene Strom
  • Larry Clausen 

Environment, Health & Safety Committee

The Environment, Health & Safety Committee is responsible for ensuring that policy guidelines are in place to administer the Corporation's environmental programs. It reviews compliance with environmental policies, health and safety standards and applicable legislations related to the Corporation's liability. 

  • Chair, Alec McDougall
  • Doug Kester
  • Larry Clausen