//Future Projects


Downtown Calgary’s Olympic Plaza resides within the boundaries of the Rivers District, whose redevelopment and revitalization falls within CMLC’s purview. As such, we will assist the City of Calgary in advancing its Civic District Public Realm Strategy – a comprehensive strategy aimed at improving the public spaces around City Hall, Olympic Plaza and the New Central Library – by reimagining Olympic Plaza.

In 2016, CMLC will worked with City of Calgary to review feasibility studies and project plans and supported public engagement initiatives in order to prepare for project delivery. 



Calgary’s Arts Commons is one of Canada’s largest and most vibrant arts centres. Located in the heart of Calgary’s Cultural District in the downtown core, the centre occupies a full city block and is home to five theatres and the world-class Jack Singer Concert Hall.

For 2016, CMLC has committed to helping Arts Commons reimagine their gathering space for the arts community. Our engagement may lead to a revised master-plan vision and will consider the future plans for Olympic Plaza and the balance of the block.