//East Village Projects

Cycle Tracks

To build on the success of the City’s permanent cycle track infrastructure and improve connections for cyclists traveling to and from East Village, CMLC has made enhancing the bicycle routes along 9th Avenue SE and 4th Street SE a key priority. Conceptual design work is underway in consultation with City administration and leading consultants.


In 2019, we’ll improve the east–west connection between Macleod Trail S and the Elbow River pathway along 9th Avenue SE and establish a new north–south route along 4th Street SE to connect cyclists to RiverWalk.

In our three-year plan for 2017–2019, we identified the 12th Avenue SE cycle tracks as our priority; however, we’ve shifted our initial focus to 4th Street and 9th Avenue and, for both ease and economy, will tie the cycle tracks along 12th Avenue into our streetscape work as we progress in east Victoria Park.