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East Village Cycle Tracks

To build on the success of the City’s permanent cycle track infrastructure and improve connections for cyclists traveling to and from East Village, CMLC is committed to enhancing the bicycle routes along 9th Avenue SE and 4th Street SE. This multi-phase project will establish a new north–south route along 4th Street SE to connect cyclists from 9th Ave SE to RiverWalk and the broader regional pathway system and improve the east–west connection between Macleod Trail and the Elbow River pathway along 9th Avenue SE.


In 2019, CMLC, in coordination with the City of Calgary, will deliver the first phase of the new cycle track infrastructure for East Village on 4th Street SE between 9th Avenue SE and RiverWalk. The new track will take cyclists safely between RiverWalk, along Riverfront Lane SE to 7th Avenue where it will bypass the LRT line and continue south along 4th Street SE connecting into the existing cycle track network. The City will enable this infrastructure with new traffic signals along this corridor at 8th Avenue, 6th Avenue, and Riverfront Avenue to improve safety and mobility for all roadway users in East Village. Congruent to the implementation of the cycle infrastructure, new on-street parking between 5th and 7th Avenue SE and changes to the lane alignments will help to calm the flow of vehicular traffic through the community.


The new cycle track infrastructure will be implemented in East Village along Riverfront Lane SE, 7th Avenue SE, and 4th St SE. This work will take place approximately between August 26, 2019 and October 31, 2019.

Details on upcoming road closures and pedestrian detours are available here