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Fort Calgary

Located immediately to the east of East Village, Fort Calgary is our closest neighbour. CMLC and the Fort Calgary team have worked closely together since we began redeveloping East Village in 2007. In fact, one of our first infrastructure improvement projects was an innovative storm-water pond on the Fort Calgary lands.

The Sentinels: A New Portal for East Village

We have enthusiastically supported Fort Calgary’s executive team in realizing their goal of making the fort lands an integral part of urban life in Calgary and a vital, attractive neighbour for East Village residents. CMLC worked with the fort team to conceive and realize the Fort Calgary Edges and the Sentinels – key landscaping and public art projects that enliven and bring attention to the Fort grounds while creating an inviting ‘portal’ between the urban energy of East Village and the natural ambiance of the Fort lands.



Website: fortcalgary.com