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For its New Central Library (NCL), the City of Calgary chose a prime location: one block east of City Hall in the burgeoning cultural hotspot of East Village. Construction at the NCL site is progressing well, setting the stage for what promises to be one of the world’s most dynamic and inspired public libraries (scheduled to open in 2018).

A space for people to think, dream, explore and become, the New Central Library’s vision is “To Inspire All.”

Experience the New Central Library

Providing approximately 240,000 sq ft of usable library space – 66% more than the existing downtown library – the NCL will be home to a physical collection of approximately 600,000 books, special programs and spaces for children and teens, a technology commons and laboratory for innovation, a centre that supports community integration and advancement through skills development, and much more.

The monumental task of to delivering a landmark library that will serve Calgarians for generations to come has been enthusiastically embraced by three highly engaged and committed partners: Calgary Public Library, CMLC and the City of Calgary.

The project

Planning for the New Central Library began in 2004, when Calgary City Council committed $40 million to the project. In 2011, council committed an additional $135 million from Calgary’s Community Investment Fund toward the NCL. CMLC then contributed $70 million from our Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) to top up funding for the total project cost of $245 million. Learn more about the NCL progress and experience here

Challenges & 

NCL: Challenges and Opportunities

The NCL site is bisected by two significant corridors: an active LRT line that moves in a north-south arc across the site and the 8th Avenue pedestrian corridor from west to east. While this may seem like an odd challenge, it’s actually an opportunity – something the library’s prime design consultants call a “proble-tunity.” See how they’re using the site’s unique attributes to create a dynamic and highly functional New Central Library.

Recent Updates

NCL: One Year After Groundbreaking

Final Design

NCL: Final Design Details

The New Central Library will be a landmark building that exemplifies design excellence and a community space that inspires thought, collaboration and conversation. In this 3D animation of the final architectural design, you’ll see exactly what we mean by “landmark” and “inspiring.”


CMLC is leading the New Central Library’s development team. Colliers, the NCL’s project managers, prepared the following timetable for construction milestones:. Follow progress on the NCL website



Construction began: Sept. 30 2015

Project Cost: $245 million

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