//East Victoria Park Projects

5th Street Underpass

The design and construction of this underpass is a key piece of infrastructure and part of our commitment to attracting investment while increasing the density, liveability, vibrancy, and development potential of the area.

 As it dramatically enlarges the possibilities for the District’s envisioned riverfront residential area by creating vital new connections and allowing the closure of 7th Street SE, a foundational infrastructure piece for the RDMP is a new underpass that connects 5th Street SE to 11th Avenue SE.

As we prepare for construction of this crucial north-south connection to and from Calgary’s cultural and entertainment district, CMLC has completed a feasibility report and traffic impact analysis to understand the opportunities the underpass will provides, We solicited feedback on the underpass throughout 2018, and we will continue to work with the City of Calgary’s Transportation Infrastructure and Greenline teams to realize efficiencies by aligning with work the City schedules for the Green Line Station.



creating vital north/south connection