The IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Sustainability) commitments that underpin everything we do

Shaping our workplace, projects, partnerships and community activations, our IDEAS commitments enable CMLC to deliver responsibly on our mission and vision. They are vital to nurturing engagement and belonging, building deeper connections across our communities, empowering innovation, and enabling the long-term sustainability, relevance and resilience of our organization and our city.

IDEAS Statement

We commit to deepening our understanding of the vast diversity of human experiences, backgrounds, abilities and viewpoints. We endeavour to ensure that every perspective is valued and respected in our workplace, our redevelopment efforts and the communities we work and live in. We will remain open and give equal voice to all people, groups and viewpoints to ensure our organization’s work reflects and respects the evolving social landscape while upholding our dedication to the betterment of our city. We will develop places, spaces and programs that are open and accessible to all. And we will incorporate, wherever possible, high standards for sustainability—carrying out our mandate with due consideration for the long-term environmental, social and economic well-being of our fellow citizens and our planet.

IDEAS Focus Areas

  • Our IDEAS focus areas: leadership, learning, growth and practices


Leadership, Learning, Growth and Practices

We’ll respond to opportunities and challenges with a commitment to mobilize and inspire IDEAS priorities. We’ll advance the IDEAS knowledge base of the CMLC team and stakeholders. We’ll promote growth in universally accessible, environmentally efficient, climate resilient buildings and public spaces. We’ll evolve CMLC processes, tools and practices to better support and enable IDEAS priorities.

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    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion