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the Calgary drop-in & rehab Centre

Diversity has always been a hallmark of East Village – Calgary’s first neighbourhood. Since our inception, CMLC has worked closely with many local groups to ensure the respectful treatment of all East Villagers. This includes the DI – a city facility that houses, cares for and helps rehabilitate a population that would be otherwise marginalized.

For example, we’ve exhibited photography and supported public art initiatives involving DI artists including the "Helping Hands" community mural that was completed in 2014 ; CMLC staff and volunteers donated their $2,000 prize from the Calgary Marathon Spirit Hub competition to the DI; providing free parking for staff of the facility and for an East Village retail launch event, CMLC engaged the DI to supply wooden cutting boards. We look forward to continued collaboration with our neighbours in the DI as East Village grows.

Engaging Vulnerable People Education Initiative:

The City of Calgary has worked directly with The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre and other local service providers to deliver programs and services to vulnerable and marginalized Calgarians, particularly those experiencing homelessness due to poverty, mental health and addiction issues. The Engaging Vulnerable People Education Initiative provides workshops for individuals wishing to better understand vulnerable and marginalized Calgarians who live downtown. To learn more about the workshops click here



Website: thedi.ca