A place to park at and a park to play at

CMLC partnered with CPA to reconsider how parking and park spaces contribute to active community spaces.


Transforming an ordinary parking lot into a dynamic public space

In 2020, CMLC worked with Public City Architecture and Calgary Parking Authority to transform Lot 43 at 9th Avenue and 11th Street SE into a multipurpose destination rich in visual intrigue.

The lot now includes a colourful ground mural, a unique perimeter scaffolding structure and whimsical, larger-than-life ‘icons’ with practical utility—hand warmers, phone chargers, a picnic table and a community library among them.


Key Takeaways

  • 1

    A two-year placemaking pilot project

    Retaining 25 of its 30 original stalls, PARK PARK shows how an urban parking lot can sustain revenue while providing vibrant social space.

  • 2

    A compelling public realm value proposition

    This project addresses the challenge that non-revenue generating public spaces can present for municipal planners and private developers.

  • 3

    A low-cost response to the COVID pandemic

    Constructed at a low cost with little loss to revenue, PARK PARK proves the value of creative urban placemaking in our post-pandemic world.

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    Architect selected through rigorous competition

    From 13 firms that responded to our October 2019 RFP, CMLC selected Winnipeg-based Public City Architecture to imagine and design PARK PARK.

Media & Recognition



Opened September 2020


  • Calgary Parking Authority
    Calgary Parking Authority

Project Team1

  • Public City Architecture
    Public City Architecture


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