The Hive

Thousands of honeybees call East Village home

A safe place for pollinators and hub for community collaboration.


East Village is literally buzzing with activity

Since 2019, summertime in East Village has been a little sweeter thanks to CMLC’s collaboration with local beekeepers.

The Hive’s open-topped plexiglass enclosure contains five beehives, accommodating pollinators and allowing passersby to see the bees in action and learn about their important role in the ecosystem. The Hive’s local honey is available for purchase through the EV Merch website.


Key Takeaways

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    A fun attraction that bolsters biodiversity

    With five thriving hives housing a colony of up to 80,000 honeybees, The Hive is a great example of sustainability-minded urban placemaking.

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    A community partnership with sweet rewards

    Delivered in partnership with beekeeper Amber Yano, The Hive is a source of delicious unpasteurized honey available through EV Merch.

Media & Recognition

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Global News

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Calgary Herald

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Opened May 2019

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