//Development Partners


RNDSQR has built innovative townhomes in a range of city neighbourhoods that make it possible for families of many kinds to access ownership in the inner city. They’ve built modern, affordable condos and innovative townhomes from Marda Loop to 33rd Avenue SW, from 16A to 29 to 48 Ave SW and far beyond. RNDSQR has pioneered a residential typography that can adapt to a homeowner’s needs over the course of a lifetime and create what they call “competitive affordability”. They’re developer-builders who aren’t afraid to tackle housing from a policy standpoint, and who look for fresh ways to unlock the value of land in a fashion that benefits both the people who want to live there and Calgarians at large. 

In 2019, CMLC entered into a development partnership with RNDSQR for the redevelopment of the David D. Oughton School site in Albert Park/Radisson Heights. This is a partnership that can effectively tackle the biggest challenge of city building in North America in our times—how to make neighbourhoods equitable, thriving places of character and culture for all in fresh housing forms that make it possible for many kinds of people to be at home.



Website: rndsqr.ca