//East Village Projects


When CMLC embraced the challenge of redeveloping East Village in 2007, we knew infrastructure improvements would be crucial catalysts for public and private sector investment and development. By investing approximately $357 million into East Village infrastructure and development programs, we’ve attracted $2.7 billion of planned development…with more to come.

Road Construction

  • Improvements to accommodate wider sidewalks and narrower carriageways

  • Utility upgrades

  • Implementation of flood control measures

  • New roads such as Riverfront Avenue to facilitate entry into East Village

  • Conversion of 9th Avenue SE to two-way traffic to improve the flow of commuter traffic

  • Complete reconstruction of 8th Avenue SE (including underground utilities, widened sidewalks and new landscaping, streetlights and signage)

Storm Pond

Completed in 2008, the East Village stormwater wetland on Fort Calgary’s northwest corner is the only treatment facility of its kind in Calgary’s inner city. Run-off from East Village streets flows into the site’s forebay, which collects silt and sediment. The water then moves into the pond, where wetland plantings further filter the water, naturally cleaning it before it flows into the Bow River. Beyond its role in flood control, the wetland is a thriving habitat for birds, muskrats and other wildlife and, with its pathways, bridge and lookout, a place for Calgarians to connect with nature.


Through CMLC’s streetscaping efforts, East Village has made huge strides toward fulfilling the vision of a neighbourhood where the pedestrian takes precedence. Wide sidewalks complemented by newly planted trees and European-inspired paving stones are set back from the roads to make walking more pleasant. Narrower streets and raised intersections calm traffic. Pathways and transit routes provide options for healthier, more environmentally friendly ways to commute. Lighting, benches and public art are making East Village streets safer and more inviting.