//About CMLC


CMLC’s vision for the entire Rivers District is to sustainable mixed-use community that calls for the creation of a healthy, vibrant district that combines environmental stewardship, social well-being and economic prosperity. 

Following are just a few examples of how we’re supporting sustainability’s triple bottom line through our our in East Village:

Environmental Stewardship

To support our master plan’s emphasis on minimizing vehicular traffic, CMLC has created walkable streets, forged easy connections to neighbouring communities and redeveloped the RiverWalk promenade and cycling pathway. We’ve cleaned 100 years worth of industrial use from the neighbourhood’s soil. We’ve created a wetland habitat that filters storm-water runoff and aids with flood control. And we helped develop a District Energy plant to efficiently heat homes and offices.

People & Community

CMLC has upgraded sidewalks, roads and other infrastructure to improve connectivity and make it easier for pedestrians to get around. Public green spaces, gathering places and community gardens add beauty and nurture social connections. East Village is now rife with cultural attractions, public art and revitalized heritage buildings enjoying new life, and it’s thriving with a sense of safety, neighbourliness, optimism and civic pride. Emphasising wide stakeholder consultation from the outset, the entire Rivers District revitalization has been a model of social sustainability. 

Sustainable Design

With homes, commercial spaces, recreational amenities, cultural attractions and entertainment galore, the “new” East Village has created diverse economic opportunities. And since no neighbourhood can thrive without a solid financial foundation, East Village has a self-sustaining economic mechanism called the Community Revitalization Levy (CRL).