Board of Directors

CMLC is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Council of The City of Calgary.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall stewardship of CMLC, approves all significant decisions that affect the Corporation and reviews the results. Our relationship with The City of Calgary is governed by our Unanimous Shareholder Agreement and as Sole Shareholder, the council of The City of Calgary has the exclusive right to elect and appoint the directors and the auditor for CMLC, amend our articles of incorporation and write our bylaws. The Board has the authority and responsibility to manage the business affairs of CMLC within our business plans and budgets approved annually by Calgary City Council.

The extraordinary diversity, experience and depth that our Board members bring to our organization have been instrumental in our achievements and success to date. CMLC’s Board of Directors participate in standing committees tasked with oversight in Corporate Governance, Audit, Compensation & Human Resources, and Environment, Health & Safety.

  • Chair

  • HR & Compensation Committee

  • Finance & Audit Committee, HR & Compensation Committee

  • Finance & Audit Committee Chair, Corporate Governance Committee

  • Environment, Health & Safety Committee Chair, Finance & Audit Committee

  • Corporate Governance Committee Chair, Environmental, Health, & Safety Committee

  • HR & Compensation Committee Chair, Corporate Governance Committee

  • President & CEO

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