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CMLC is leading by example and has already garnered multiple awards from its peers for our sustainable and innovative practices.


RAIC Architecture Canada, National Urban Design Award (NUDA)

In April 2016, CMLC was awarded National Urban Design Award in sustainable development for the St. Patrick's Island redevelopment.

The project was noted by the Jury for the outreach and engagement in the development of its design. The Jury saw it as a positive example of how design processes can educate community members about sustainability values and can empower them to take ownership of the long-term stewardship of a natural resource and public amenity.


Mayor's Urban Design Awards (MUDA)

In November 2015, CMLC was the proud winner of two MUDA awards. The newly rejuvenated St Patrick's Island won the Civic design award while the newly opened Simmons Building was awarded the Mawson Urban Design award.

Alberta Construction Magazine, Top Projects Award

In December 2015, CMLC was honoured with two Top Project Awards. St Patrick's Island was awarded as the Civil Project Award with a project cost under $50 Million while the Simmons Building took home the Commercial Project Award under $50 Million. 

RiverWalk wins Canadian Landscape Architecture Award

In March 2015, RiverWalk was the recipient of the National Merit Award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. The prestigious award recognizes distinctive design and the contribution of outstanding landscape architecture makes to communities.

The award was presented to Stantec, CMLC’s lead consultant on the project, who led the design and implementation of RiverWalk from its master plan through to the completion of the three-phase first stage of the project.  RiverWalk is one of the first significant projects that served as a catalyst to private sector investment in the East Village and began the revitalization of the community.

Elbow River Traverse wins Award of Excellence

East Village’s smallest connector, the Elbow River Traverse, is one of its most important. The pedestrian traverse that spans the Elbow River on the east side of Fort Calgary was recognized in January 2015 by the Consulting Engineers of Alberta with an Award of Excellence. The graceful design provides continuity to the RiverWalk pathway and a vantage point of the historic Fort Calgary site. Its graceful design doesn’t compete for attention with its surroundings, yet provides an elegant feature to the area. Slender weathering steel arches offer structural efficiency while the lighting for the bridge, guardrail, and furniture were designed to minimize their presence.


Mayor’s Urban Design Awards (MUDA)

In 2013, CMLC was the proud winner of the MUDA award for the Urban Fragments category, and received an honourable mention in the Great City, Great Design group.

CMLC's Art in the Public Realm initiative, through the installation of works by Julian Opie (Promenade), Ron Moppatt (SAMEWAYBETTER/READER), and Art & Soul's paintings and sculpture on bridge abutments and storage sheds, was recognized in the Urban Fragmentscategory for its contribution to using the power of art to elevate the urban experience.

St. Patrick's Island and Bridge redevelopment were recognized for their contribution to improving the quality of city life in the Great City, Great Design category


2012 Urban Open Space Award (Finalist)

In June 2012, the esteemed Urban Land Institute (ULI) named Calgary’s very own RiverWalk one of five finalists from across North America – and the only Canadian so honoured – for their 2012 Urban Open Space Award.

The award recognizes public spaces that make a difference in the life of the surrounding community, spurring regeneration and transformation – which is precisely the role that RiverWalk is filling in East Village. RiverWalk has reconnected Calgarians of all kinds – cyclists, joggers, bladers and promenaders of all sorts – back to one of North America’s most beautiful riverfronts.

CMLC is especially proud of the nomination because RiverWalk is in illustrious company with the four other finalists for the coveted award: New York’s famous High Line and Pier 25 at Tribeca in Hudson River Park; Railroad Park in Birmingham, Alabama; and Tanner Springs Park in Portland, Oregon.

National Urban Design Award

In 2012, the East Village Master Plan was the recipient of a National Urban Design Award (NUDA). This award category recognizes a plan or a study of a significant area within a Canadian municipality that provides a development or redevelopment strategy for urban transformation in the mid-term to long-term.  The East Village Master Plan was released in 2009 in collaboration with british-firm, Broadway Malyan. To read more about the awards click here.


Mayor's Urban Design Award

In November 2011, CMLC was the proud recipient of two Mayor's Urban Design Awards (MUDA). RiverWalk Phase 1 and Plaza were recognized for excellence in the category of Civic Design Projects and the East Village Master Plan was awarded with the Mawson Urban Design Award. Honourable mentions were also received for the newly opened 4th Street Underpass and for CMLC's contribution to Art in the Public Realm through the installation of the RiverWalk "I am the River" series and the East Village wall mural

Canadian Urban Institute: Brownie Awards

In October 2011, CMLC was honoured to be the recipient of a national 'Brownie' award from the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) for Best Overall Project - Large Scale for the East Village redevelopmnt project. The CUI Brownie Awards recognize leadership and innovation in brownfield redevelopment, and place emphasis on projects that offer a quality of place and contribute to the community at large. 


Lead Engineering Consultant Honoured

Progressive Engineering Ltd., part of the Trow Group of Companies, CMLC’s lead engineering consultant on the East Village Infrastructure Upgrades has received the 2010 Consulting Engineers of Alberta - Award of Excellence in the category of Community Development for the East Village Redevelopment Project.  The Community Development - Award of Excellence is the highest honour that CEA bestows in recognition of urban land engineering and related services provided during the planning and development of residential, commercial, recreational, major community parks, and revitalization development projects.

Urban Leadership Award

In April, CMLC was recognized by the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) as an organization making the city a safer and more dynamic place to live and work. CMLC was awarded a ‘2010 Urban Leadership Award’ in the ‘Imagination’ category for its use of an inventive financing mechanism to support the re-development of East Village.

Riverwalk National Award

CMLC is pleased to announce that the RiverWalk Master Plan has been recognized by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) for a National Award of Merit.

The CSLA annual Professional Awards program recognizes excellence in Landscape Architecture in the categories of Design, Planning & Analysis, Research, Communications, Landscape Management, New Directions, and Residential Design. Submissions were judged and awarded at either a Regional or National level. RiverWalk was submitted under the category of Planning and Analysis and was awarded with the National Award of Merit.

Special thanks are given to the dedicated team at Stantec and the RiverWalk Master Plan team for their commitment and hard work in creating a destination for all Calgarian’s to enjoy.



EVE Magazine was awarded the Gold Medal in the category of "General Publication" at the 2009 Economic Development Association of Canada’s Marketing Awards held in Vancouver, B.C. on Sept 21, 2009. The Marketing Awards recognize leadership and excellence in marketing cities across Canada.


The groundbreaking lighting system on the Langevin Bridge is earning local and international accolades.  The LED installation has been awarded two honours.

The first award is an Illumination Engineering Society (IES) ‘Calgary Section Illumination Award’ recognizing lighting design work.

The second award is a ‘2010 IES Illumination Award of Merit’ from the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Illumination Awards.  The award recognizes professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design. Judges are selected from a broad professional spectrum that represents knowledge of lighting and design excellence.

On December 23, 2009, a state-of-the-art LED lighting system was installed on the 100-year-old Langevin Bridge leading into East Village as part of the RiverWalk development. Not only does the system highlight the bridge’s architecture, but it also helps keep the area safer.  

The installation is made up of thousands of LED lights that change colour through a series of computer generated sequences. An almost infinite range of colour programming can be achieved. It can alternate red and green for Christmas, glow pink for a breast cancer run, red and white for Canada Day or trace through the spectrum for city wide celebrations.

The LED lighting has an expected lifespan of 100,000 hours, which equates to approximately 34 years of operation if the lights run all day.  The system is energy efficient (using roughly the same power consumption as three Alberta households), resistant to extreme weather, vandalism and tampering; the fixtures are specifically aimed to reduce glare and efficiently light up the bridge structure.


Forbis Award for Outstanding Contributions in Public Archaeology

The 2008 Forbis Award for Outstanding Contributions in Public Archaeology awarded CMLC for our work in documenting and rejuvenating historic buildings and for our support of several archaeological investigations within East Village. CMLC is dedicated to ensuring that Calgary landmarks such as the King Edward Hotel, St. Louis Hotel, Simmons Building and Hillier Block are not forgotten. We also recognize the historical importance of East Village, the value of sharing this information with Calgarians, and the opportunity to incorporate important pieces of our city’s cultural history into the revitalization of the Rivers District. The Archaeological Society of Alberta - Calgary Centre, presented CMLC with this prestigious award on April 15th, 2009. Named after one of the founding members of the Archaeological Society who is widely recognized as the father of archaeology in Alberta, the Forbis Award is presented to an individual or organization in Calgary and southern Alberta that displays exceptional service to public archaeology

Calgary Heritage Lions Award

CMLC was recognized for our exterior and interior restoration of the Simmons Building, which also happens to be our head office. We are very proud to have been chosen as the 2008 recipient of the Calgary Heritage Lions Award. It reflects our commitment to historic rejuvenation initiatives as well as providing a unique and dynamic characteristic to the Simmons Building's future streetscape presence on Confluence Way.

Canadian Urban Institute Brownie Award

CMLC was honoured as the 2008 recipient of the Canadian Urban Institute Brownie Award. The Canadian Urban Institute's annual Brownie Award recognizes leadership, innovation and environmental sustainability in brownfields redevelopment across Canada. CMLC won in the category of "Financing, Risk Management and Partnership" for our work in the creation of the Rivers District Community Revitalization Levy Regulation. A "made in Alberta" version of the U.S. Tax Increment Financing (TIF)— which is a widely used financing mechanism for redevelopment of brownfield sites in the United States—provides a sustainable source of funding to finance the significant infrastructure development required in the Rivers District for a 20-year period.