Supporting our community during COVID-19

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    When the COVID-19 crisis rapidly unfolded in March, our resilience as an organization was put swiftly and emphatically to the test. CMLC rose confidently to ensure our team remained safe, our community programing was COVID-friendly and our project partners were supported.

    Like many of you, the CMLC team pivoted to working remotely, and we’ve learned new ways to communicate, remain productive, and manage our projects. As the world transitions into the next stage of the global pandemic, we will continue to monitor the situation carefully so we can make the best decisions for our team, our community and our partners moving forward.

    Committed to our communities:

    Since its inception in 2007, CMLC has worked to help communities build, grow, and believe. We helped bring East Village to life, and we’ve always worked to bring Calgarians closer together in order to fulfill our mandate for community renewal, infrastructure investment and placemaking. While we’ve had to pause a portion of our winter programing, we’re committed to finding new ways to engage with Calgarians, giving them ways to get outside, connect with the neighbourhood and interact with their community—all while observing COVID cautions and restrictions.

    As you look to get outdoor and enjoy the East Village, make sure to check out the EV Blog for the latest update on our winter programing.

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    For those of you who live in East Village, rest assured that maintenance and management of the community’s public spaces will be ongoing to ensure that residents and visitors can move about the neighbourhood – if necessary to do so at this time – and at appropriate distances from one another.

    Committed to our projects:

    CMLC is dedicated to maintaining a safe level of momentum on all of our projects. With a few modifications for emerging and evolving health and safety protocols, we’ll continue to proceed with our projects responsibly—adapting to the impacts of COVID-19 along the way—will be an important part of Calgary’s long-term economic recovery.

    While we acknowledge that we’re all in challenging times, our commitment is steadfast to the future of the Rivers District and the City of Calgary. We’re here to make Calgary a better city for all of us, and we’re bringing our dedicated team, our 13 years of experience and our heartfelt passion as placemakers and citizens to the job at hand in the difficult months ahead.

    The CMLC team will continue to provide ongoing updates as circumstances evolve and as information becomes available or impacts current conditions. In the meantime, we encourage Calgarians to find caring and creative ways to support each other and local businesses that may be affected due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For details on our programming and retail support in East Village please click here for further information.

    We know you are with us, and we welcome your input. Together, we’re building a better Calgary.

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