East Calgary’s ‘change agents’ prepare for leadership changeover

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    From the desk of Randy Magnussen, CMLC Board Chair

    When Michael Brown joined our organization as president and CEO in 2011, it was early days in our efforts to transform East Village into one of Calgary’s most sought-after destinations. Guided by 2009’s East Village Master Plan, we’d completed most of East Village’s infrastructure improvements and were just beginning to establish the relationships with private developers and community partners that would be crucial to bringing that vision to life.

    Eight years on, Michael has found ways to sustain development momentum and to keep our team, our partners and the citizens of Calgary engaged and excited.

    As such, it’s with mixed feelings that I share the news of Michael’s departure as CMLC’s president and CEO. In January 2020, Michael will immerse himself in a new opportunity to provide leadership in a different capacity in Calgary’s development scene—namely, as president of one of Calgary’s leading home builders, Trico Homes.

    During his time leading the strategic direction of our organization, Michael worked closely with our Board of Directors, the City of Calgary, and key community and business partners to deliver dozens of major infrastructure programs in support of the East Village Master Plan and, more recently, the Rivers District Master Plan.

    Under Michael’s leadership, the CMLC team proved so capable in urban redevelopment and placemaking that our shareholder, the City of Calgary, expanded CMLC’s mandate in 2016 to extend our community-building efforts beyond the boundaries of the Rivers District.

    Michael’s greatest strength as CEO was in his expert ability to maintain a successful organizational dynamic. He built a powerhouse team that is nimble, responsive, forward-thinking and innovative—and he inspired them to do great things.

    Most recently, it was under Michael’s leadership that our organization took a serious look at such vital business considerations as human resources management and succession planning so that even in his departure, we are set up for continued success.

    CMLC’s Board remains committed to our strategic plan and to ensuring we continue to have the right team in place to realize our vision.

    - Randy Magnussen, Chair of the Board, CMLC

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