New Pedestrian Route Offers Improved Access to Stampede Park and LRT Station

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    Two new street-level access points open today on Macleod Trail at 17th Avenue & 14th Avenue SE

    The 17th Avenue extension & Victoria Park/Stampede Station rebuild—a major infrastructure project and a foundational component of the Rivers District Master Plan vision—hits two major milestones today, just three months after its summer ground-breaking.

    Managed by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), this two-part project is opening up Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District (C+E) to bring energy and excitement to its very heart, while also delivering a modernized LRT station with vastly improved accessibility.

    Starting today, users of the Victoria Park/Stampede Station will begin accessing the station via two new, barrier-free approaches at 17th Avenue SE and 14th Avenue SE, while pedestrians and cyclists can begin entering Stampede Park at 17th Avenue SE where it crosses Macleod Trail.

    CMLC President & CEO Kate Thompson speaks to the project’s significance to big-picture progress in the district. “These new level-access routes have always been part of our vision for revitalizing the Rivers District—they’ll naturally invite people in, prioritizing pedestrians and help showcase the C+E as it grows into Calgary’s cultural gathering place.”

    “It has been 40 years since the community has been able to access Stampede Park directly from the key gateway of 17th Avenue,” says Calgary Stampede CEO, Joel Cowley. “We are excited that the new extension and pedestrian crossing will create a more welcoming entry into Stampede Park and the Culture + Entertainment District.”

    Transit users will realize benefits immediately. With close to 13,000 users getting on and off at this station every day, pre-pandemic, the distance for pedestrians to reach the station is now seven times shorter. In addition to the barrier-free approach and platforms, the shorter distance will go a long way to improving travel times and accessibility for all mobilities.

    Later this week, crews will begin demolishing the station, its spiral staircase and the Plus 15. The Stampede’s public art Tipi, currently located where 17th Avenue will enter Stampede Park, will be relocated to ENMAX Park. During the annual Calgary Stampede, ENMAX Park is home to the iconic Elbow River Camp.

    Throughout construction, transit service at the station will be maintained with the exception of five long-weekend closures over the duration of the project. Calgary Transit is committed to sharing updates about planned service disruptions and will ensure that customers can continue to access the station throughout construction.

    Visit the CMLC and City of Calgary websites for regular traffic and construction updates as the work advances.

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