Project Spotlight: 17th Ave SE Extension + Stampede Station—A New Rivers District Gateway

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    Re-connecting east Victoria Park

    17th Avenue is going places! One of many infrastructure projects considered in the River District Master Plan, the 17th Ave Extension and Stampede Station project is truly transformational to the district. This critical connection is deep into planning stages now and when complete will form a new multi-mode access into Stampede Park at 17th Ave and MacLeod Trail, establish a connection to Stampede Trail and the heart of Calgary’s Culture & Entertainment District. Designed to welcome pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, this connection will provide new easy passage for visitors and residents alike.

    Where eastbound 17th Avenue now ends in a left-turn-only at Macleod Trail, this vital artery will cross the Red Line CTrain track, travel southeast along the BMO Centre (whose expansion will be completed in 2024) and then connect to Stampede Trail creating an important corridor to new mixed-use development in the area.

    In tandem with the 17th Avenue Extension, we’ll also be overhauling the Victoria Park/Stampede CTrain station—enlarging the platforms, removing the stairs and overpass at 15th Avenue and providing an at-grade pedestrian crossing at Macleod Trail.

    Why is this infrastructure improvement project so important to the Master Plan vision? Here are a few reasons:

    • It opens up Stampede Park to the exciting western communities of the Beltline
    • It improves access to and through Stampede Park
    • Provides a critical new connection for visitors and residents to access the district as development progresses
    • Improves the pedestrians crossing at Macleod Trail to access the CTrain station

    As one of the first planned infrastructure projects in east Victoria Park, this project aligns perfectly with our vision for a redeveloped and revitalized Rivers District. Beyond improving connections, accessibility and movement of all types of traffic, the 17th Avenue Extension and Stampede Station will create an attractive corridor that will entice visitors of all stripes and invite new retail and commercial development to the area.

    Detailed design work is now underway. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020 and wrap up in 2023.

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