9th Avenue SE Bridge Replacement

A modern and versatile link between Inglewood and the Rivers District

City replaces century-old bridge across Elbow River with CMLC funding support.


Rivers District connectivity gets another big boost

In 2022, The City of Calgary completed construction of a new bridge across the Elbow River at 9th Avenue SE—a much-needed replacement for its 110-year-old predecessor. CMLC funded $12 million of the $25.1-million project cost. With a design inspired by the original structure, the new bridge provides improved flood resiliency, lower maintenance costs and enhanced active transportation connections.


Key Takeaways

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    Built for durability and resiliency

    Designed for improved flood resiliency and lower maintenance costs, the new bridge has a projected lifespan of 100 years.

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    Enhanced cycling and pedestrian connections

    New pathways on the north and south sides of the bridge connect East Village to Inglewood and to the neighbouring river pathways.

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    A trestle design to honour the past

    The design honours the original trestle bridge into Inglewood—commemoration pieces from that bridge have been installed in Sculpture Park.



Broke ground June 2019Completed June 2022


  • The City of Calgary
    The City of Calgary

Project Team2

  • WSP Engineering
    WSP Engineering
    Design Consultant
  • PCL Construction
    PCL Construction
    Construction Manager


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