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Providing 240,000 sq. ft. of functional, flexible and beautifully designed space, the new Central Library (NCL) is home to a physical collection of 450,000 books, more than 30 free community meeting areas, a performance hall, café, outdoor plazas, a children’s library, dedicated spaces for teens, recording studios, and much more.

The City of Calgary chose a prime location for its new Central Library: one block east of City Hall in the burgeoning cultural hotspot of East Village. The site provides a key destination and link that will draw Calgarians from downtown through City Hall to the NCL and East Village.


The building – one of the world’s most dynamic and inspired public libraries – opened to Calgarians on November 1, 2018. A space for people to think, dream, explore and become, the new Central Library’s vision is “To Inspire All.”

The monumental task of delivering a landmark library that will serve Calgarians for generations to come was enthusiastically embraced by three highly engaged and committed partners: Calgary Public Library, CMLC and the City of Calgary.

The project

Planning for the New Central Library began in 2004, when Calgary City Council committed $40 million to the project. In 2011, council committed an additional $135 million from Calgary’s Community Investment Fund toward the NCL. CMLC then contributed $70 million from our Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) to top up funding for the total project cost of $245 million.

Construction began in May 2014 with the encapsulation of the LRT line. The vertical construction program was delivered in four phases over 750 days and was completed in September 2018. The library opened on-time and under-budget on November 1, 2018 to great fanfare.

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During the new Central Library’s opening weekend from November 1-4, there were 52,223 visitors, 20,843 checked-out items, 3,397 new members signed up, 66 tours given, and 76 hours of free programs delivered.

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The Making of a Library. The Shaping of a City.



Completed: November 1, 2018