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Rivers District Intro

A Bold Plan for Rivers District

designing an urban culture & entertainment district


Rivers District Intro

A Bold Plan for Rivers District

designing an urban culture & entertainment district


// Rivers District Master Plan

The East is Rising

There’s momentum, investment, growth and energy everywhere on the east side of Calgary—and east Victoria Park is part of it.

CMLC is creating a vision for east Victoria Park within Rivers District—a 20-year vision that will result in four million square feet of mixed-use development and more than 8,000 new residents moving into a vibrant community nestled on 500 acres of Calgary’s downtown east side. Specifically, to east Victoria Park, the master plan vision has been designed to be flexible enough to imagine and integrate modernized amenities (arena facility and an expansion of the BMO Centre) and the delivery of a Stampede Trail retail destination. As the development progresses, the plan and community will accommodate and support a variety of entertainment and cultural amenities.

This part of downtown Calgary, which includes Stampede Park and the BMO Centre, has long stood as the city’s entertainment epicentre. Rather than reinventing it as something it simply isn’t, CMLC imagines east Victoria Park as a vibrant, high-density, mixed-use community that draws on the spirit of entertainment that resides in its DNA, as well as its natural surroundings. Some of our most important goals are integrating the existing urban fabric—including several heritage buildings, the Calgary Stampede grounds and the Elbow River—and reshaping east Victoria Park as an active, walkable, accessible community with enhanced connections to adjacent neighbourhoods.


Next Steps

From April – July 16, CMLC and the City of Calgary embarked on a joint public engagement program for the Rivers District Master Plan and the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) amendments.

Public Open House

Findings from the engagement process along with updates to the Rivers District Master Plan and Beltline ARP will be presented at a public open house session.

October 3, 2018 - 5-8pm

St. Louis Hotel 430 - 8th Ave. SE

To learn more about the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) amendments, click here

For updates to the Master Plan, click here

Rivers District Process


Rivers District Process


// Master Plan Process


Bringing value to the neighbourhood, the city and the lives of its residents.

To guide redevelopment efforts and help realize the vision for a master-planned downtown district, CMLC began work in 2017 on an imaginative, practical, forward-thinking Master Plan for east Victoria Park and the broader Rivers District. CMLC has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Calgary Stampede to provide planning and development strategy to help realize the concept plan vision for Stampede Park and ensure it integrates within the overall community redevelopment context. With our master planning team – Civitas and Gibbs Gage Architects and supported by stakeholders of the broader community – CMLC has completed an initial draft of the Rivers District Master Plan.

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Rivers District - Public Engagement


Rivers District - Public Engagement


// Public Engagement Process

Our Vision, Your District

Engaging with Calgarians to shape the east Victoria Park experience.

The Rivers District Public Engagement program initiated in April and ran through until July 2018. This robust engagement program ensured people from across Calgary had the opportunity to learn about the project and provide meaningful input. To ensure a streamlined process for engagement, CMLC and the City of Calgary coordinated efforts on public engagement activities.

Findings from the joint engagement will be presented to the community at a Public Open House Session on October 3 at the St. Louis Hotel from 5-8pm. Residents of the district and citizens are invited to attend to review the findings and review updates to the draft master plan and amendments to the Beltline ARP.

More details on the Beltline ARP process, please visit




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Rivers District - Important Dates Section


Rivers District - Important Dates Section

Rivers District Principles


Rivers District Principles


// Shaping the Rivers District

Envisioning an Exciting & Lively district

A plan to integrate Rivers District into the city and established downtown neighborhoods.

The vision for the Rivers District Master Plan is to create an AUTHENTIC, CONNECTED, RESILIENT, and VIBRANT culture and entertainment district in which 8,000 people from diverse backgrounds and across demographics will one day live.


An AUTHENTIC Rivers District is a distinct Calgary experience that celebrates the history and heritage of the neighbourhood and city. The master plan:

  • Cultivates culture and entertainment identity
  • Creates a year-round destination that sustains and expands the potential of the 10-day event
  • Builds an inner city community—8,000 residents strong—who are Trend Setters and Event Enthusiasts who crave to be at the centre of attraction


A CONNECTED Rivers District links adjacent neighbourhoods to the district and the river. We seek to redevelop, implement and activate public infrastructure to meet the needs of the community and the City of Calgary as our sole shareholder. The master plan:

  • Re-knits the urban fabric
  • Improves walkability and bikeability
  • Creates a network of parks and open spaces
  • Connects to the Elbow River


A RESILIENT Rivers District exemplifies best practices for urban infill, economic development, green infrastructure and transit-oriented design. We will manage the investment in land and infrastructure for optimal financial return. The master plan:

  • Promotes economic resiliency
  • Encourages environmental sustainability
  • Enhances social sustainability
  • Attracts private investment and sustains a destination and local economy
  • Encourages urban lifestyles that are associated with improved human health


A VIBRANT Rivers District is an active, mixed-use district, with a series of distinct places and spaces. It is the heart and gathering place for adjacent neighbourhoods and a regional destination. The master plan:

  • Promotes inner city density
  • Encourages high-quality urban design
  • Creates a new and distinct district
  • Creates a neighbourhood centre

Character Areas


Character Areas


// Character Areas & Critical Connectors

Character Areas Help Define a District

Character areas and connections help define a district.

As part of CMLC’s commitment of $150 million toward planning and infrastructure development in Rivers District, our first priority is critical connectors that tie together from a traffic, transportation planning, and community-building perspective. We initiated redevelopment of East Village in much the same way—by determining how we could ‘connect’ East Village to the core and to surrounding neighbourhoods while attracting development. In east Victoria Park, we are beginning with the same focus on planning and designing for connectivity.


A mix of commercial, office and residential spaces will take over restored warehouses that reflect the unique character of an area featuring historic brick buildings, most built between 1900 and 1920.


This high-density, high-intensity, mixed-use area—including residential, office, hotel, neighbourhood retail, restaurants, and services—offers excellent transit access and proximity to lively entertainment and cultural amenities. Adjacent to the new Green Line LRT station, the Neighbourhood Centre is the ‘knuckle’ where Riverfront Residential, Warehouse District, East Village, and the Entertainment, Cultural and Educational neighbourhoods merge.


Envisioned as a mid-scale neighbourhood designed for a broad spectrum of age demographics to live and thrive in an urban environment, this residential area is characterized by mid-scale urban living with easy access to transit, downtown, regional trails, and the Elbow River. This lively neighbourhood provides a transition between the growing Beltline and East Village to the quieter quaint streets of Ramsay. A range of housing types, sizes and price points will be provided in order to create a diverse, active neighbourhood that fosters social connections.


A neighbourhood of high-density residential towers with a combination of restaurants, commercial, and office space. The area weaves neighbourhoods together, easing the east-west transition, and facilitating the discovery of exciting Beltline communities.


Here’s the heart and the hub: modern amenities in the BMO Centre and Arena Facility, along with the Youth Campus, are integrated with lively festival streets, urban plazas, and riverfront parks. Here is a dynamic national destination and centre of civic pride, gathering, activity, history, and modern uses. This district thoughtfully integrates long-standing agricultural, convention, and sports venues with emerging cultural facilities, arts and education, shopping, entertainment, and hotels. Organized around a network of festival streets, urban plazas, and riverfront parks, this district will become a hub of activity.


Cradled by the Elbow River and home of the Calgary Stampede, as well as major events like Petroleum Expo, Comic-Con, and a growing agricultural event and exposition business, this district is intended for flexibility, large festivals and event functions, and access. The vision for this Character Area is a thoughtful complement to the Calgary Stampede Concept Plan.