17th Avenue SE Extension & Victoria Park / Stampede Station Rebuild

Connecting communities and opening up Stampede Park 365 days a year

$103-million CMLC-funded project is also bringing transit users a new LRT station and gateway into Stampede Park.


A $103-million infrastructure investment in vital connectivity

CMLC’s first horizontal infrastructure project in east Victoria Park, this major city-building undertaking broke ground in 2021. The 17th Avenue SE extension is forging an important pedestrian and vehicle link between new and existing mixed-use development on either side of Macleod Trail. At the same time, transit users are getting a much more modern and accessible LRT station.

Learn more about the upcoming station and partial Red Line closure (Nov 24 - Dec 4, 2023).


Key Takeaways

  • 1

    A new multi-modal gateway into Stampede Park

    The 17th Ave extension will make it much easier for motorists, pedestrians and active transportation users to navigate in and out of The C+E.

  • 2

    An accessible, better integrated LRT station

    An at-grade crossing of 17th Avenue and an enlarged platform give transit users a much shorter, more accessible approach.

  • 3

    Significant measures in making life easier

    CMLC’s improvements to the Victoria Park/Stampede station shortened the pedestrian journey across Macleod Trail from 400 to just 60 metres.

  • 4

    Another catalyst to district redevelopment

    The extension of 17th Avenue into The C+E is establishing a new connection that will catalyze further development in the area.


Next steps along the path to project delivery

Through 2023, the project team will work to operationalize the new LRT platforms and bring the extension closer to substantial completion. Final touches and landscaping will continue through spring 2024 in concert with the BMO Centre expansion. To follow along with CMLC’s east-end transformation, subscribe to our newsletter.


July 2021

Street-level crossing opened

October 2021

Cutover to Temporary Station Platforms

September 2022

Permanent Station Platforms Operational

December 2023

Construction Complete

July 2024



Media & Recognition


Broke ground July 2021


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    Calgary Stampede
  • Calgary Transit
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Project Team

  • Arcadis
    Lead Civil Design Consultant – 17 Ave S.E. Extension
  • O2 Planning & Design
    O2 Planning & Design
    Landscape Architect – 17 Ave S.E. Extension
  • ISL Engineering
    ISL Engineering
    Prime Design Consultant & Landscape Architect – Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station Rebuild
  • WSP Engineering
    WSP Engineering
    Track Engineer – Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station Rebuild
  • GEC Architecture
    GEC Architecture
    Design Consultant – Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station Rebuild
  • PCL Construction
    PCL Construction
    Construction Manager – 17 Ave S.E. Extension & Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station Rebuild
  • Level Playing Field
    Level Playing Field
    Accessibility Consultant – 17 Ave S.E. Extension & Victoria Park/Stampede LRT Station Rebuild