East Village Master Plan

An ambitious vision for bringing East Village back to life

The East Village Master Plan is guiding our exciting redevelopment of Calgary’s original neighbourhood.


From riverside blight to riverside delight.

Crafted in collaboration with London’s Broadway Malyan and inspired by some of the world’s most liveable and loveable places, the master plan sets out a vision for East Village’s redevelopment into a vibrant, mixed-use, creative city neighbourhood. In the 15 years since the plan was unveiled, East Village’s population has grown to 4,000, and CMLC’s infrastructure investment of around $400 million has attracted private investment of almost $3 billion.

Key Takeaways

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    20-year vision for an inner-city transformation

    With a buildout spanning two decades, the East Village Master Plan entails a ground-up overhaul and revitalization of the entire neighbourhood.

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    A crucial foundation for a neighbourhood’s rebirth

    To catalyze redevelopment, we’ve invested $396 million into key infrastructure improvements—utilities and streetscapes, parks and plazas, bridges and underpasses and so much more.

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    Approaching a tenfold return on investment

    To date, CMLC’s investment into East Village infrastructure has spurred private investment totalling upwards of $3 billion.

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    Imagining a neighbourhood people are proud to call home

    The East Village Master Plan envisions a neighbourhood with 11,500 residents in 7,500 homes supported by 300,000 sq ft of retail space.

Media & Recognition

Landscape Institute Awards
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Global News

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Approved January 2009


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